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This section contains some of my dolls in dioramas and roombox settings which I have made myself. I must stress that they have all been made over a period of time for my own amusement only. I realise that they are most certainly not quality dolls, but I thought I would share them with you because I think that the enjoyment is in the characters, not in the workmanship!

They have all been made with cloth over pipecleaner bodies (with the exception of the very tiny ones which are all clay) and have clay heads, hands and feet, and painted features. For this I always use Fimo modelling clay which can be bought in Dolls House Shops and Craft Shops etc. I prefer to use older re-cycled fabrics for dressing them as I find new fabrics are often too stiff for small dolls and obviously if you want to make a scene set in the 1930/40’s or any other era, it is always better to use authentic fabrics whenever possible.

Sometimes I have been inspired to make a scene simply because I have a certain fabric available. This was the case with my diorama – “The Proposal”. I had a piece of the background fabric which is ideal for a 1920/30’s style scene and it works well for covering a wall, instead of using paper. I have also been inspired by tiny objects which I have come across, such as a miniature metal coffee pot. It was one of these items which led me into making my Turkish roombox – “Fethiye”.

If you are interested in miniatures it is always a good idea to collect any tiny items which you come across, so that they can be used to make scenes such as the ones you see here. It is amazing how they can be adapted!

 I hope you enjoy viewing them. Carole.