Doll Values

I am often asked by someone - "What is the value of a certain doll?" I am sorry but I am not able to give a value as it depends on many different things, some of which I have listed below. I hope you will find this useful. The value of a doll depends on the following:

1. THE RARENESS OF THE DOLL: The more rare the doll, then obviously it will be of more value.

2. THE CONDITION OF THE DOLL: A lot also depends on this, (but sometimes if it is a very rare doll then this may not always be the case).

3. WHERE THE DOLL IS PURCHASED: If the doll is for sale at auction the price could go higher. It quite often depends on how desperately a bidder wants to own that doll, so if there is more than one person bidding, the price may go a lot higher. If there is only one person bidding then the doll could go simply at the original asking price, which may be quite low.

4. BUYING PRIVATELY: When a person is selling a doll privately they usually have a price in mind, which they are hoping to sell the doll for. These buyers are sometimes open to negotiation and may be prepared to come down in price, (but not always!)

5. BUYING AT FLEAMARKETS OR BOOTSALES ETC: A bargain can sometimes be found at a Fleamarket or Bootsale etc. If the seller does not know anything about a doll it can sometimes be purchased for very little money. However, some sellers occasionally have inflated ideas about how much they think a doll is worth and could ask for a price which may be too high.

6. MAKERS NAME: A doll may have a makers name on it, which may be on a tag attached to the doll, on the original box if there is one, on the neck or across the shoulders of the doll. It can also sometimes be stamped on the clothing, such as on the inside of the skirt. If the name happens to be a well know make such as: Pedigree, Charlotte Weibull, Kimport, Lenci, Sheena Mcleod, Baronne Sandra Belling etc., (or some of the older dolls) Armand Marseille, Heubach, Kestner, etc., etc., then these dolls will probably sell for a higher price, but again, depending on the condition and the rarity of the doll.

7. HAND MADE DOLLS: This type of doll often sells for more than a factory made doll, especially if it is made by a well known maker.

8. A PAIR OF DOLLS: A pair of dolls (male and female) often sells for more than two dolls (male and female) from the same country but made by different makers. Some collectors prefer to buy dolls as a matching pair, rather than a male doll and a female doll by different makers.

A good Doll Book is such a good source of information! It is useful to know a little about a doll and the Maker when wanting to sell one of your dolls. For a list of recommended DOLL BOOKS please see the list on my website. (There is a TAB across the top of the HOME PAGE with "BOOKS" on it). Just click on that and it will bring up a page of Recommended Doll Books.

To sum it up, the more knowledge you have about the doll, the better!