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Identity Title Collection Doll Type Material Maker Year Cont Country Region
America - Dominican Republic - 001
The Dominican Republic is part of a Caribbean island. The eastern side is Dominican Republic and it borders with Haiti on...more
Dolls Local dress Vinyl 1994 America Dominican Republic Caribbean
Oceania - Australia - 006
Plastic bodies and face-mask, covered with stockinette. Wire armature arms. Painted features. Dolls designed by: "Sarah...more
AUSTRALIA - pair of Aborigine dolls
Dolls Aborigine Rag and cloth C.1985 Oceania Australia Australia
America - Hawaii - 003
Firmly padded hand made cloth doll with painted features. Black wool hair. She is an Ote'a Dancer. A similar doll is featured...more
Ote'a Dancer
Dolls Dancer Rag and cloth C.1965 America Hawaii Pacific Ocean
Africa - Congo - 001
Congo is bordered by Cameroon to the north west, Central African Republic to the north east, Zaire to the east and south,...more
CONGO - lady with baby
Dolls Local dress Rag and cloth 1994 Africa Congo West Africa
Europe - Portugal - 009
Pair of traditional hand made Portuguese yarn dolls. Their bodies are cardboard but their heads and arms are wool with embroidered...more
PORTUGAL - pair of hand made yarn dolls
Dolls Musician Wool C.1968 Europe Portugal
America - Dominican Republic - 002
Carved wooden mother, baby and child. Crudely made bodies. Heads painted black with painted features. Wired arms. The mother...more
Dolls Local dress Wood C.1960 America Dominican Republic Caribbean
America - Dominican Republic - 003
Firmly padded carnival cloth doll with colourful painted mask. This type of doll is a perfect reproduction of the real "diablos",...more
Dolls Carnival Rag and cloth 2009 America Dominican Republic Caribbean
Africa - Seychelles - 003
Hand made cloth doll with wire arms and legs. The legs are covered with fabric but there is no padding. Painted features....more
SEYCHELLES - hand made doll
Dolls Local dress Rag and cloth C.1985 Africa Seychelles -
Africa - Libya - 001
Libya is situated in North Africa. It borders with six different countries, these being Egypt to the east, Sudan to the south...more
Dolls Local dress Rag and cloth C.1975 Africa Libya North Africa
Asia - Indonesia (Bali) - 001
Bali is situated in the Indian Ocean in between the islands of Java and Lombok in Indonesia, in the continent of Asia. Hard...more
Dolls Dancer Hard plastic - C.1985 Asia Indonesia Bali
Africa - Tunisia - 001
Tunisia is situated in North Africa with Algeria to the west and Libya to the south. The Mediterranean Sea is on the east...more
TUNISIA - mother and child
Dolls Local dress Wood Unknown local woman 1994 Africa Tunisia North Africa
America - Peru - 009/009A and 009B
Lovely hand made cloth doll. Black wool hair and embroidered features. The doll was made by a woman living high up in the...more
PERU - hand made doll
Dolls Local dress Rag and cloth Woman from the Peruvian Andes 2009 America Peru South America
Asia - India (Kerala) - 0020 and 0020A
A Kathakali dancer with a wooden body. Colourful painted body with highly decorative painted pattern. Around the neck is...more
INDIA (KERALA) - Kathakali dancer)
Dolls Dancer Wood C.1960 Asia India
Europe - Cyprus - 003 and 003A
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. For nearly twenty five years the island has been divided between...more
CYPRUS - Priest
Dolls Religious Plastic 1972 Europe Cyprus Eastern Europe
Europe - Ireland - 003
The Republic of Ireland makes up about five-sixths of the island of Ireland. It is bordered by Northern Ireland to the northeast,...more
Dolls Traditional costume Plastic Celtic Toys 1969 Europe Ireland
America - United States of America - 0013
Voodoo doll made in New Orleans. Made of coconut hair over a stick frame. The head is shaped out of clay (front only) and...more
Dolls Voodoo Wood C.1985 America United States of America
America - Venezuela - 002
This doll is from the Llanos region in the south of Venezuela. Wild grassland covers a lot of this area. Hand made doll....more
VENEZUELA - Llanos region
Dolls Local dress Felt 1988 America Venezuela Llanos, Venezuela
Asia - Pakistan - 006
Cloth over wire armature body. Painted features. Red painted fingernails and toenails 12" high. Pakistan. 1980. Makers marks:...more
PAKISTAN - hand made doll
Dolls Traditional costume Rag and cloth 1980 Asia Pakistan Southern Asai
Europe - Greece (Crete) - 006, 006A and 006B
Cloth doll with wired arms, resin-type head with painted features, and resin-type feet. Plastic hands. Applied moustache....more
GREECE (Crete) - pedlar doll
Dolls Street vendor Rag and cloth C.1985 Europe Greece
Europe - Portugal - 0010
Hand made traditional woolen Portuguese doll. Made completely out of wool with a hand crotched dress and hat. Cluster of...more
PORTUGAL - traditional hand made woolen Portuguese doll
Dolls Other Wool 2001 Europe Portugal