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Identity Title Collection Doll Type Material Maker Year Cont Country Region
America - Peru - 009/009A and 009B
Lovely hand made cloth doll. Black wool hair and embroidered features. The doll was made by a woman living high up in the...more
PERU - hand made doll
Dolls Local dress Rag and cloth Woman from the Peruvian Andes 2009 America Peru South America
Asia - India (Kerala) - 0020 and 0020A
A Kathakali dancer with a wooden body. Colourful painted body with highly decorative painted pattern. Around the neck is...more
INDIA (KERALA) - Kathakali dancer)
Dolls Dancer Wood C.1960 Asia India
Europe - Cyprus - 003 and 003A
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. For nearly twenty five years the island has been divided between...more
CYPRUS - Priest
Dolls Religious Plastic 1972 Europe Cyprus Eastern Europe
America - Dominican Republic - 001
The Dominican Republic is part of a Caribbean island. The eastern side is Dominican Republic and it borders with Haiti on...more
Dolls Local dress Vinyl 1994 America Dominican Republic Caribbean
Europe - Ireland - 003
The Republic of Ireland makes up about five-sixths of the island of Ireland. It is bordered by Northern Ireland to the northeast,...more
Dolls Traditional costume Plastic Celtic Toys 1969 Europe Ireland
America - United States of America - 0013
Voodoo doll made in New Orleans. Made of coconut hair over a stick frame. The head is shaped out of clay (front only) and...more
Dolls Voodoo Wood C.1985 America United States of America
America - Venezuela - 002
This doll is from the Llanos region in the south of Venezuela. Wild grassland covers a lot of this area. Hand made doll....more
VENEZUELA - Llanos region
Dolls Local dress Felt 1988 America Venezuela Llanos, Venezuela
Asia - Pakistan - 006
Cloth over wire armature body. Painted features. Red painted fingernails and toenails 12" high. Pakistan. 1980. Makers marks:...more
PAKISTAN - hand made doll
Dolls Traditional costume Rag and cloth 1980 Asia Pakistan Southern Asai
Europe - Greece (Crete) - 006, 006A and 006B
Cloth doll with wired arms, resin-type head with painted features, and resin-type feet. Plastic hands. Applied moustache....more
GREECE (Crete) - pedlar doll
Dolls Street vendor Rag and cloth C.1985 Europe Greece
Europe - Portugal - 0010
Hand made traditional woolen Portuguese doll. Made completely out of wool with a hand crotched dress and hat. Cluster of...more
PORTUGAL - traditional hand made woolen Portuguese doll
Dolls Other Wool 2001 Europe Portugal
Asia - Turkey - 007
Plastic with wire upper arms. Painted features. A similar doll is featured in the book: "African and Asia Costumed Dolls"...more
TURKEY - pasha doll
Dolls Traditional costume Plastic C.1970 Asia Turkey
Asia - Kazahstan - 001
Kazakhstan shares borders with Russia to the north, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to the south and China to the...more
KAZAKHSTAN - hand made pair of dolls
Dolls Peasant dress Rag and cloth 2005 Asia Kazakhstan Central Asia
Asia - Turkey - 004
Turkey actually spans two continenets - Asia and Europe, but approximately 95% of it is in Asia with just a small portion...more
TURKEY - hand made doll
Dolls Traditional costume Rag and cloth C.1970 Asia Turkey Western Asia
Europe - Latvia - 002
Latvia is bordered by Estonia to the north, Russia to the east, Lithuania to the south and Belarus to the southeast. It became...more
LATVIA - pair of dolls
Dolls Traditional costume Plastic C.1975 Europe Latvia
Asia - Kyrgyzstan - 001 and 001A
Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country surrounded by Kazakhstan to the north, China to the east, Tajiikistan to the south and...more
KYRGYZSTAN - family of three hand made dolls
Dolls Local dress Felt 2004 Asia Kyrgyzstan
Europe - Wales - 0027 and 0027A
Cloth with wire armature upper body and wood dowelling legs. Wooden knob head with painted features and painted spectacles....more
WALES - wood carrier
Dolls Character Rag and cloth C.1985 Europe Wales
Asia - Japan - 0027
Pair of Kokeshi dolls with wooden bodies and brightly coloured painted costumes. Painted tubular bodies. Painted features...more
JAPAN - (pair of Kokeshi dolls)
Dolls Traditional costume Wood C.1990 Asia Japan
Europe - Austria - 001
Austria is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It shares borders with Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany, the Czech Republic,...more
AUSTRIA - Otzal region
Dolls Regional costume Plastic C.1970's Europe Austria Central Europe
Africa - Swaziland - 001
Swaziland is a small kingdom surrounded by South Africa, with the exception of a small border with Mozambique in the north...more
SWAZILAND - Trbal doll
Dolls Tribal Wood C.C.D.? C.1965 Africa Swaziland Southern Africa
Asia - China - 007 and 007A
China is the third largest country in the world and it makes up approximately a quarter of Asia. It borders fourteen different...more
CHINA - hand made doll
Dolls Local dress Rag and cloth C.1980 Asia China Eastern Asia