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Postcard ID Description
ALBANIA PC003 Traditional dress of Southern Albania.
ALBANIA PC001 Traditional Dance Chameria.
ALBANIA PC002 Woman's costume, Middle Albania.
AFGANISTAN - PC002 People of Afghanistan.
ALBANIA PC005 Traditional costumes of Vlora.
ALBANIA PC006 Wool processing. Middle Albania.
ALBANIA PC007 Kelmendi's beauties. Malesia E. Madhe.
ALBANIA PC008 Regional women's dresses (Tropaja).
ALBANIA PC009 Kruja Market.
ALBANIA PC0010 Men's suit with tirq (Kukes).
ALBANIA PC0011 Skutari - Shkodra. Albania. North Western costumes.
ALBANIA PC0013 Traditional dress with Xhubleta Malesia E Madhe.
ANDORRA PC001 A dancing couple wearing traditional Andorra costumes. The silk skirt, and the embroidered bodice on the female figure, have been added onto the card.
ANDORRA PC002 Children wearing the traditional costumes of Andorra.
ANDORRA PC003 Meritexell, the Patron Saint of Andorra.
ARMENIA PC001 Armenian girl in traditional costume.
ARMENIA PC002 Armenian girl wearing traditional dress, (taraz), and holding lavash.
AUSTRIA PC001 A pair of dolls hand made by Elli Rhiel.
AUSTRIA PC002 Ladies wearing Tyrolean costumes.
AUSTRIA PC003 Men, women and children wearing traditional Tyrolean costumes.